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UIFactory is a small, elegant web component framework.

UIFactory example

UIFactory builds re-usable web components. These can be used with plain HTML, Angular, React, Vue, or any other web application framework.

  • It’s small. <4 KB compressed
  • It’s compliant with the Web Components standard. Works on all modern browsers
  • It’s easy to learn. Write any HTML, CSS and JS and wrap it in a <template> componentize it.
  • No compilation. No server. No hosting. Just save in a HTML file.


Quickstart tutorial

Just 15 minutes

Feature Guide

Covers everything

Use pre-built components

UIFactory ships with these ready-to-use components:


Please read the Contributing Guide for how you could contribute.


See all UIFactory releases


Copyright © Gramener.

Licensed under the MIT license.


UIFactory is tested in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. IE is not supported.

Please raise issues and feature requests at